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You want to help?

From Wednesday, 25.3., helpers for the construction are welcome on the terrain of the village.
Of course, there are also needed lots of people after the village, who take down the tents.

In addition, we need numerous translaters during these days!

Here you can find a list of material that is still needed.

A village against NATO!

3rd and 4th of April, NATO celebrates its 60th anniversary in Strasbourg, Kehl and Baden-Baden.
But not alone! We will be there as well and we will show with different actions what we think about their capitalistic war policy.

And that we can go to the actions in a good mood, full with food and well-rested, there is a village in Strasbourg with kitchens, toilets, First Aid, a colorful culture program and so on.

Everyone who wants to take part in the protests, is cordially welcome to live here, eat, help, and create the everyday life.

For the village should mainly fulfill one thing: It should be self-organized by the people that live there. Here, we want to realize our ideas of living together: Everyone should take part in decision-making and support the village with his/her own abilities.

1st of April, the village opens with a festival. But also before, we need active help with the building and material (f.ex. wood, tents, transporters, tools) and unfortunately money, too.

Therefor it is wished that you pay five euros per night and person. It would be best, you could transfer it in advance because we need money by now. That you don‘t have money shouldn‘t be a cause not to come to the village, of course! On the other hand, donations are desired!

In the next days and weeks you will find more information on this site.
If you‘ve got questions by now or want to help, mail to

German bank account:

Empfänger: Alarm e.V.
Bankverbindung: Sparkasse Offenburg
Bankleitzahl: 664 500 50
Aktionskonto: 4873651
Verwendungszweck: Nato-Gipfel 2009

iban: DE26664500500004873651

French bank account:

IBAN FR7642559000812102832150556